Monday, September 1, 2008

Train Trip to Solana Beach

Saturday we gathered up the troops and braved the rails with our friends and neighbors! The kids woke up early and the hubs and I grabbed what was necessary for our trip
1.) coffee
2.) bagels.
We barely made it onto the train before the doors closed and phew, we found our seats, "ALL ABOARD" called the conductor, and we were off. Adriana was waiting to greet Em at the end of the aisle and help him to his seat. Karen, Ed and Cory saved the seats and we were off on our adventure. The kids were so excited and the parents were happy to be able to have a half hour of basically uninterrupted conversation! (Amazing, I know). When we got to our stop, the beach was a short walk down the hill and we had a great morning in the surf. Em did not want to leave the beach. He howled like a professional, but when we got to the pizza place and the hubs introduced him to video games, that all changed. Pitchers of beer for the parentals and pizza down the hatch we made it back to the train and headed home just in time for naps. It was a great day indeed.

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jora said...

What a great idea! I'm happy to hear you were able to get some adult coversation in. :)