Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Snot. What'cha Think?

I admit, I am a bit of a germaphobe. I am always trying to get my eldest son to wash his hands after we've been out and about.
I avoid having my boys play with other kids who are sick, and try to steer clear of others when we have colds. I'm not an anti-bacterial fanatic, but I do like the old frequent soap and water routine before we eat. The Hubs doesn't want me to turn our boys into mini Howard Hughes.

All of my preventative measures went down the pot of late: Em has a cold. A snotty, whiney, uncomfortable cold. The Hubs feels like he is coming down with something too, which is another reason why I try to keep our kids healthy. So that the Hubs nor I get sick. You see, the Hubs travels. A lot. His travel involves schmoozing (which he loves) and being on his feet. It is constant and unforgiving and requires one to be on their toes and feeling great. Hubs has a book signing here in town in two days and he has to travel up North for another book signing/art show. I am praying he gets over whatever it is he's coming down with.

I'm a big believer in B vitamins. I've popped my share of them whenever I feel a cold coming on and my symptoms usually dissipate relatively quickly. Trader Joe's even has a readily absorbed one that you place under your tongue. Wish I could give these to the kids when they get sick. But with kids its basically kid's motrin, fluids, rest and tissues. Which brings me to the sweet moment of the day.

A fella that we run into from time to time at our local coffee shop has a great little Yorkie named Jenny that he let's Em walk around the cafe's outdoor patio. He loves that Em can repeat any word and Em loves that he gets to walk around with a pint sized pooch. On one of Em's laps around the vicinity he sneezed and the snot went flying across his cheek. Our acquaintance quickly grabbed a tissue, wiped Em's cheek, held the tissue up to his nose and said, "Blow!" Em blew his nose with all his might and then he was off running more laps. The Snot didn't even phase our coffee shop friend.

What do you think? Does snot send you running in the opposite direction, or are you not afraid of the boogie monster?

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