Monday, December 22, 2008

Boys = Trucks, what is the fascination?

Last week we headed out to East County, San Diego. Lakeside, in particular. My FIL's friend owns a couple of big, life sized dump trucks! (Lakeside, naturally. Doesn't everybody?). If anyone out there has ever met a three year old boy, they probably picked up on the fact that they are mesmerized by big trucks. Anyhow, moving forward, my boys were in hog heaven out there in the dirt, surrounded by heavy equipment. There was even an enormous dirt hill to run up. We got to get up inside of the dump trucks, honk the big horn (you all know you've always wanted to do that!), raise and lower the big dump truck bed and Em even got to drive the truck! No kidding. I've got video, it is pretty funny stuff. Anyhow, who knew that a trip to the 'yard would be so much fun.
Lakeside; don't hack it until you try it. You might just get to honk the horn of a big rig, after all.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


On Friday the Hubs and I took the boys to the tidepools at Cabrillo National Monument a.k.a the Pt. Loma Lighthouse. It was a gorgeous day and my friend Jennifer over at The Fox Den told me that the lowest tides of the year were that day, perfect for tide pools! We hiked down a short trail to the beach and navigated the rocks with Evs on my back and the Hubs patrolling Em. We looked all over the place and found several gems of sea creatures. Hermit crabs were the favorite however the anemone proved the most wary sea challenge.

Daddy tried with all of his might, over and over to get Em to touch the anemone and watch it close up. Em protested, he is one stubborn boy! (Gee, I think that might be my genetic make up-oops!) The Hubs even tried bribery by cupcake and that didn't seem to get him to want to touch the anemone. It was as if it were a right of passage, something that all boys had to do, at one point or another. I insisted that the Hubs stop challenging Em, I felt it bordered on bullying, but something inside of me said, "hush, this is what boys do". And I did hush. It seemed that through this prodding there was something greater at work. Bigger and more instinctual, more male, more....basic.

I believe that at times mothers unintentionally emasculate their sons by being too protective. I am guilty of it, although I try to monitor it. I believe that if I do not let my sons learn certain lessons for themselves, and experience them firsthand, that I am doing them no favors for their future.

I also believe that it was as hard for Em to touch that anemone as it was for me to let his father egg him on to do it. But you know what? Em did it.
Barely, swiftly, but he did it.

Vanilla cupcake with lots of icing.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Just finished knitting what was supposed to be a cute little dinosaur Christmas present for Em. Well, I couldn't hold out. Actually, I gave it to him before the arms, legs and tail were sewn on. He was so excited and loved it even though it was missing it's appendages. And (gush) I adored seeing him love something so much that I had made! He has never been excited about a hat that I had knitted him, or, well, I guess I've just always knitted hats for him. Alas, I am almost done with Ev's Dino. Exactly the same T-Rex but smaller and a different color. So, not quite exactly the same. Okay, anyhoo. If you are interested in the pattern, you can get it here.

I am also in the middle of the February Lady Sweater and in the middle of a really cute scarf. Once I finish the Dinosaurs, I'll get back to those. And after those are done, I'd like to knit up a pair of socks, but I'd like to knit them both at the same time, so I don't have to suffer from "second sock syndrome". I dread that. Any how, can you tell that the C1000 coffee maker was delivered back to me this afternoon? I am so jazzed about it, really I am!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's Cookin' Darling?

Tonight I felt so much better that I was in the mood to cook! I stole the beef, barley, leek soup recipe that Jora over at Domestic Reflections featured on her blog a la Smitten Kitchen and am whipping up Kittencal's roasted chicken recipe which you can find here. Last night I baked an apple pie which has cooled, yes indeed, and I am very excited to munch that down after dinner. Yahoooo, should be fun. Later this evening when I am too stuffed to get up from my chair, just throw a blanket on me and turn out the lights. Tomorrow will be a brand new day with exciting culinary possibilities!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I've got an "itis" and it ain't pretty...

Well, I thought I was past this point seeing as little Evs is almost 11 months old, but I've got a case of mastitis. Blah. I've had it once before, just after Em was born over 3 years ago, it was awful then and it is awful now. I guess it most commonly occurs when you first begin nursing and then when baby has teeth. That's right, I've got a biter. OUCH! Is exclaimed about once a day while nursing Evs. He is not a patient, passive nurser, no, this boy does gymnastics and funky dance moves while feeding. Needless to say, I don't think I'll last as long nursing him as I did Em. In fact, I was pregnant with Evs before I quit nursing Em. Yes, I do feel immense guilt about my planned weaning one before I did the other. We'll see. Maybe my outlook will improve once I start feeling better. But for now, this stuff has really knocked my socks off.