Monday, December 22, 2008

Boys = Trucks, what is the fascination?

Last week we headed out to East County, San Diego. Lakeside, in particular. My FIL's friend owns a couple of big, life sized dump trucks! (Lakeside, naturally. Doesn't everybody?). If anyone out there has ever met a three year old boy, they probably picked up on the fact that they are mesmerized by big trucks. Anyhow, moving forward, my boys were in hog heaven out there in the dirt, surrounded by heavy equipment. There was even an enormous dirt hill to run up. We got to get up inside of the dump trucks, honk the big horn (you all know you've always wanted to do that!), raise and lower the big dump truck bed and Em even got to drive the truck! No kidding. I've got video, it is pretty funny stuff. Anyhow, who knew that a trip to the 'yard would be so much fun.
Lakeside; don't hack it until you try it. You might just get to honk the horn of a big rig, after all.

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