Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Stone's Throw from Middle Age

Whelp. I am officially there. Middle age, that is. Since my last post I have endured another bout of mastitis and most recently, kidney stones. I had always heard that they hurt, but what a whopper. It was horrible, excruciating and hopefully, over.

I've had two kids and I have to say, it is a toss up between which is worse; childbirth or kidney stones. Ugh. So that said, my wish for the new year is to feel great. I had this thought on New Year's Eve...if I were taking my last breath, what would I wish I'd have done? Several things came to mind. And, in case you are wondering what those were, here they are:

1) To lighten up. I am pretty happy go lucky, but out of the two (the Hubs and I) I am much more serious. Sometimes I can put value into something that just needs less gravity.
2) To take my dear, old dog for more walks. A daily walk to the coffee shop just doesn't cut it. He deserves different scenery.
and he's got a heart of gold.
3) To take more day trips with the family. Before kids, I had this intense wanderlust. I still do, but often the Hubs and I get bogged down by the effort of it all. I know that I'll have regrets if we don't travel more, so as a compromise: more adventures!
4) Last but not least, to make the time to make love more often (blush). Those of you who have toddlers know what I mean. You are so drained, emotionally and physically that all you wanna do is go to sleep. But paying attention to one another is so important. (This goal probably goes along with goal number 1 too. Lighten up, have fun).

I am so young, even if kidney stones officially confirmed my middle-agedom. When something stands in your way of attaining your dreams remember something my auntie always says, "this too shall pass"


jora said...

First, you are NOT middle aged just because you had the extreme bad luck of passing kidney stones (I have heard from other women that it is WORSE than childbirth. Can't imagine.) Second, I love these resolutions. They will make your life better and you will have a nice time getting there. For what's it's worth, your last one is also one of mine that I didn't put on my blog. Too bashful!! :)

p.s. as one of your "adventures" maybe you and the kids could come out to the chicken ranch someday soon.

Mel said...

That sounds like a great adventure, Em would love it and so would I!