Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wishful Thinking...is Great!!

So I am almost through my 1st trimester, YAY! In a few short weeks I will be:

1) Over my constant, tiring state of nausea
2) Getting back into the swing of things
3) Welcoming my first little baby girl niece into the family
4) Finding out the sex of my baby #3 by Thanksgiving
5) Stuffing myself silly at Thanksgiving while living a nausea-free life, UGH!
6) Hopefully, I will be purchasing lots and lots of pink.

If #6 proves true, (which I have a strong hunch it will) I'd love to design a nursery like the one pictured above which can be found here. I adore the pink, coral, fuchsia and orange paper lanterns of different textures. They light up my day. If indeed it is a Pink Thanksgiving this year, I will have to finally break out my splurge of a sewing machine and start quilting. I've found plenty of inspiration over at Soulemama and of course my dear friend Marie is a constant source of inspiration to me (I know I'm not alone here). I'll have to dedicate a whole blog entry just to her one day. She is magnificent and looks lovely in bright red lipstick without a hint of any other makeup.

So I'm about 9 weeks off from getting to know baby #3 a little bit better. Currently blessed, but feeling quite down about my morning sickness status. So forgive a little wishful thinking on my part. Dreaming in idyllic shades of blush helps take my mind off of the not so inspiring parts of pregnancy. Wandering into the land of dress patterns, things to knit and ric-rac, pom-poms and fringe helps pass the time in delightful ways.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Okay, how cute are these.

The LOVES of my life!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Going Green

I'll admit I've been slacking on the posts as of late. You know, actually I've been feeling a bit green and am afraid that this all day, all night dance won't halt for another month or two. You see, I've done this dance a handful of times before and although the finished production is absolutely divine, the steps are grueling. I was not born a happy dancer.

Today I saw the heartbeat. Visually, one of the most beautiful things any expectant parent could wish for. I'm surrounded by the talent of my husband's artwork, daily dazzled by the sight and sounds of my children, yet seeing a little flutter on a very dated black and white screen brings tears and relief.

So forgive me if I don't update as often as I should. I'll be back in the swing of things in a few short weeks.
Please direct all "pink" thoughts toward my uterus.