Friday, November 21, 2008

So Sad

I am so sad right now. A few minutes ago I was very, very happy. Darn that few minutes.

You see, several weeks ago our beloved C1000 coffee maker was on the fritz. I called the service number, packed up the machine, sent it back to the manufacturer, paid $250.00 to get an "overhaul" and just got our beautiful machine back tonight! YAY, well, uh, not really.

When I went to plug it in, reset it and start it up I could smell the luxurious coffee in the grinder, I anticipated the carmely golden brown drink to flow through the spout and into my cup.

Nada, nope nothing. I looked at the manual, repeated procedures multiple times and still. It doesn't work.

And my next thought, $250 for wha??? Luckily I have my trusty french press to fill in the gap (and a phone call to make).

1 comment:

jora said...

I would be in full panic mode!! Hop on over and I'll make you a pretty good one. :)