Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simple Decisions

Several years ago when the hubs and I first moved to San Diego from a then very expensive San Francisco, we made a decision that would change the course of our lives. When we chose to move from San Francisco to Golden Hill, we weren't yet married. In San Francisco the loft apartments across the street from our place were renting for $5000 and month. That is not a typo.$5000!
We moved to San Diego to be closer to our relatives but also for the hope of getting ahead, of starting a life for ourselves.
We chose a small one bedroom apartment in Golden Hill. We weren't rolling in cash, however Michael was selling his artwork at a gallery here in town called Exclusive Collections, and we were making rent. It wasn't until we made the fateful purchase of a hat, that the sales and subject matter of his art started to evolve into something a bit more curious. I was in a (now defunct) antique store in South Park with my then MIL to be, about to walk out of the store when I looked up at the most gorgeous, antique cloche hat I had seen. It was $60. Michael and I didn't really have a lot of money to spare so I called him and discussed with him, my desire to have the hat. The rest is history.

That $60 hat sure has turned into many more $'s than we ever could've imagined.


MrsWiley said...

neat story, beautiful hat & i'm so glad you ended up as neighbors to my parents, too!

The Fox Den said...

That is one special hat. Now I know why! Thanks for sharing your story.

Samantha said...

Great story! And beautiful paintings too..,