Friday, September 12, 2008

Can't Stand the Clutter

I am going crazy trying to deal with the clutter and lack of things getting picked up in my home. Two kids can wreck the house pretty easily, but I have a feeling it is partly the adults in this homestead who are at fault. Somehow no one seems to know that we do not have a "clutter fairy" who magically picks up all things left out, and throws them away, or returns them to their proper place. Items do not "levitate" back to their destination. Laundry is not miraculously washed, dried, folded and put away. Yes, I've had a really hard day. I would really like to have an estate sale where most items have a sales tag on them. I crave simplicity, cleanliness and a personal masseuse who comes bi-weekly. Ack, the clutter. Do children really need 100+ toys? I'm thinking no, they do not. So maybe if I have 3 more garage sales, we will be at peace.
That or a bigger house.
Wish me luck

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