Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ms. Domestic Reflections aka Jora tagged me with a fun meme. Drumroll, please:

What are the last three things you purchased:
1. A Veggie Burrito from El Zarape
2. A pair of white Jack Purcell shoes by Converse
3. A new Dr. Hauschka pressed face poweder to replace my old one

What are the last three songs you downloaded:
1. Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)
2. I like to move it (Zoo Gang)
3. The Hokey Pokey (Sha Na Na)

What are the last three places you visited?
1. Julian, CA
2. Laguna Beach, CA
3. San Francisco, CA

What are your three favorite movies?
1. Fletch
2. Frida
3. Manhattan (my first kiss with my husband)

What are your three favorite possessions?
1. My sanity
2. My lingerie
3. My house

What are three things you can't live without?
1. My family
2. Lipstick
3. Soft, downy pillows

What would be your three wishes?
1. To live in Rome with my family
2. Stop people from being so greedy, it has brought ruin to our world
3. Health and Happiness for my children

What are three things that you have not done yet?
1. Learned to play the banjo
2. Owned a Spider Monkey
3. Biked the entire distance of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

What are your 3 favorite dishes?
1. Black-eyed Peas, okra and cornbread
2. Lemon cake from Crumbs of Paris
3. Hearts of Palm salad from La Frite (in Sherman Oaks)

What 3 celebrities would you want to hang out with most?
1. Steve Martin
2. Natalie Portman
3. George Clooney (purely for comedy)

If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would it be?
1. Resilient
2. Pensive
3. Goofy

What are 3 things you are currently coveting?
1. Road Trips
2. An Airstream (ditto Jora I've been keeping my eyes peeled)
3. A bigger house

Name 3 things you are unusually good at.
1. Cooking
2. Figuring mechanical things out
3. Talking with my mouth closed

What 3 bloggers would you like to tag?
David Patrone
A mom two boys

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Jen said...

I thought it was worth noting that Tony Soprano gave a gift basket filled with Dr. Hauschka skin care products to his psychiatrist when he had a crush on her. I know it is wierd that I remembered this detail, but I couldn't help commenting--for what purpose I do not know. Speaking of "purpose:" yours is definetly carpe diem and carefree, which makes you such a fun person to read about (and have as a friend).