Friday, September 19, 2008

Gorgeous Weather at the San Diego Zoo

This morning the boys and I met up with our friend Shanna and her son Maz and daughter Ava for a trip to the zoo. We live a little over a mile from such a gorgeous destination, we are so lucky! The boys are close in age and they had a blast with each other. Em seemed especially interested in the snakes and Maz showed us where the turtles, frogs and lizards hang out (such boys!); we had never seen those on our previous trips.

For all the parents out there who have ventured into the world of more-than-one-kid it is certainly a handful more than before! A true balancing act at the least. At this point in time both Shanna and I have infants and toddlers. So we basically do what the toddlers want to do because the infants just really don't care much. I know there will be a time in the near future where the concept of taking turns, sibling rivalry and "mine!" come into play. Heck, we've already mastered the, "DON'T TOUCH ME, Evs!!" or "he's DROOLING on ME, get it off ohhhhh yuck" etc...

Keep in mind the little one is barely 8 months.

I suspect future visits to the World Famous San Diego Zoo are going to be filled with splitting time between who wants to see what exhibit first, many more stop touching me's and the boys running from snake to snake, turtle to turtle and frog to, you guessed it, frog.

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