Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meal Plan for the Week or How to Get Rid of Canned Food in a Cluttered Pantry

Okay, I have accumulated WAAAY to much canned food since I expanded our pantry, so this week, my goal is to actually use it!
What on Earth? Yes, I will use up the Black-Eyed Peas, that I fetishize and the low sodium diced tomatoes. The 12 pack of baked beans that I purchased at Costco are history baby! Garbonzo beans, black beans, cannellini beans...ALL HISTORY!
Here is the plan. Wish me luck and stop by for dinner if you are in the 'hood...

DONE! Veggie Tacos with garbonzo's lime and avocado. Sides of black beans and rice

Hoppin' John with black-eyed peas, mustard greens, diced tomatoes and andouille sausage. Side of corn bread

Veggie Fried Rice, with edamame, red pepper, tofu and scallions

Organic Chicken Tikka-Masala. Side of rice and zucchini with lentils

Nicoise Salad, tuna, eggs, cannellini beans, olives etc... and a quinoa salad

DONE! Basil-turkey burgers, sans bun. Side of baked beans and beet salad (or roasted beets, carrots and more).

Homemade hummus, dolmas, roasted red pepper, feta in basil leaves, parsley, pita and tzatziki.

Homemade red bean ice cream

Carrot ginger soup
Crackers and cheese
leftover madness.

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