Monday, August 11, 2008

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

I just sold my Bianchi, "Celeste" green, gorgeous, vintage road bike. I rode it this morning and it brought back all those old feelings of comfort. After I accepted the cash for it, I went into the hub's studio and cried. Crazy, I know but it was like saying goodbye to an old friend, and a part of my past that I for some reason, held on to. You see, before kids, before the hubs, I was an avid cyclist. I rode my beautiful pale green Bianchi halfway across the United States by myself, just me, my bike, camping gear and the pavement. Selling it was accepting that my life has changed, not in a bad way, however just in a different, forward kind of way. I guess I was secretly hoping that I would one day be able to re-experience the kind of freedom that my bike afforded me. I love my current life, I wouldn't change it, but no one ever said it was easy to say goodbye.


jora said...

Wow, I just got chills thinking about how that must have felt. You are strong to be able to let go of it. I keep stuff like that around, never using it, just for a memory. Doesn't make much sense. Wouldn't it be nice to follow it around and see where it goes on its next adventures (a la "The Red Violin")?

Rian said...

Mel, your writing is enchanting. I just read every entry going "way back" to July 21st. Consider me hooked (and nosey).