Friday, August 8, 2008

Get Outta My house

For the past two days the hubs and I had our nanny come and watch the kids so we can, er....
clean! Probably not the best use of a nanny, however in order to have a proper garage sale we needed some privacy so we could secretly collect two thirds of the mountain of toys that our kids have acquired and never play with and get rid of them! I have this frantic desire to shed all of the excess stuff in our home that has been making up the soundtrack of our lives; the sound of something falling onto the ground. There is so much clutter, and I crave clean, organized living.
Listen folks, it is not easy having that kind of life with not one, but TWO artists in the household.
The time has come for a revolution! If we are questioning keeping it, then it goes in the garage sale! Some items for instance: the portable wind up victrola that I never use, the antique tin pie safe that holds no pies, my bianchi road bike (celeste green, ah) which I rode solo from the west coast to Jackson Hole, and last frontier of random items, tire chains for the snow that fit my long gone, paid off 4runner, which I sold earlier this year.  May they all find new homes this weekend and get outta mine!

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jora said...

It must feel soooooo good to get rid of all that stuff. Good luck at the garage sale!