Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've Bought a Trailer!

Well, ever since I sold my glorious, celeste green Bianchi road bike, I have been in mourning. However, recently I purchased a trailer and I have a renewed sense of hope. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a buy-and-return problem with strollers. I am always looking for the perfect one and it is one of my obsessions. My newest acquisition is a Chariot double trailer, which holds my two kids and not only acts as a bike trailer, but converts to a stroller, a jogger, if you wish a cross country ski trailer and yet one more thing, you can lug it while hiking. Amazingly adaptable to all sorts of adventures. The verdict as a bike trailer, AWESOME! Have yet to try it out as a stroller. My vision for reclaiming some of "me time" has evolved into a compromise, lug the kids along and get some biking/skating in along the way. For instance, bike to the zoo, lock up the bike and turn it into the stroller. Or bike to Mission Bay, lock up the bike, turn the trailer into a jogger and start roller skating with the kids in the trailer.Oh the possibilities!

Well, yesterday I went for a ride with the kids in tow, our virgin voyage. We rode up to the coffee shop for a smoothie and hung out there for a while and then continued on to our neighborhood park. At the park we played for a good 2 hours. Was such a blast. Rode home just before it started to get dark and felt such elation. I can't wait to have more of these kinds of adventures with the kids. Will keep you posted.

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