Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today my eldest son Em learned where juice comes from. Simple, right? I thought it was an important lesson that he learn that all of this stuff we consume, both physically and monetarily comes from somewhere, it doesn't just appear. 

The morning coffee that the hubs and I drink comes from the earth. Someone probably very far away woke up one morning and went out to pick it, or turned on a machine to harvest it, a machine which was created by someone. We forget so easily when we head to $tarbucks and lay down our money for that warm, chocolate-hued elixer, all of the effort that went into making it, all of the people involved and employed to produce 

So Em and I grabbed a bag of apples, washed the wax off of them, sliced them so that we removed the seeds, and placed them one by one into the juicer and made our very own, very tart, apple juice.


jora said...

One of the great lessons for a little boy, indeed.

Clare said...

So cool, Mel! Was the juice tasty?

Mel said...

Very tasty!Em drank about 6 apple's worth, but it was okay, he left a couple of Tbs for me.