Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pool Party Baby

Yesterday was our first official pool party. A rite of passage for kids and parents alike. The weather was perfect and the mood was pure parental bliss. So much fun floating, splashing, cannonball-ing and sunscreen! Seeing your children so incredibly happy that it can't possibly be contained in their little bodies, well, the only place that kind of happiness finds rest is in the knot of your throat.

It took almost 3 years until Em finally learned to adore water. Evs is a natural water baby, but he didn't experience the "wave incident of Maui" like Em did. Fortunately everyone was okay, but the hubs had to dive under a rouge wave with Em in his arms when Em was only just over a year old. (We think that is what spoiled the water fun for a while). When the hubs and Em came up out of the water once the wave had passed, Em was NOT happy. And he had a great dislike for water for some time.

To see him jump in the water now and sport a smile that is wide and gleaming, is quite an accomplishment.
Time does heal most things.

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