Thursday, August 21, 2008

Canning Season

Yesterday afternoon was gorgeous here in San Diego! Em and Evs and I spent the majority of our free time outside in the backyard, but while Evs was napping, Em and I found something so cool!

A bright green grasshopper, the exact color of our backyard. He was very comfortable being held by me or Em. We grabbed a jar and the hubs poked holes in the top, put a leaf in that we knew he'd like, clue: the plants that had big holes eaten out of the leaves, and then we saturated a cotton ball with water and threw that in too! Anyhow meet Chewy, a.k.a Chuy the newest member of our family. We took Chewy out to dinner (Gaetano's Italian for Delicious) with us and then over to the GrandP's house. I mentioned to Em that we should let Chewy go the next day and he exclaimed, "NO, He's my first pet!". So with that, he earned a couple of extra days in the house. How could I resist? After all, I remember when I caught my first batch of fireflies, rolly-poleys, hermit crabs, brought them home and my folks obliged. Have you had any interesting backyard creatures as pets?

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