Friday, May 29, 2009

My Madsen Is HERE!

It arrived and very quickly I might add. The above photo shows all of my boys in the new kid mover, a.k.a Madsen cargo bike.

For those of you who don't know, I used to be an avid cyclist. When I say avid, I mean every day, mountain or road, loved it. Loved it so much that I took off for two months on a solo road bike trip across the Pacific Northwest and ended up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (Gorgeous country I might add). Freedom and a bike with a trailer lugging camping gear across a variety of mountain terrain. (I still hope to do a family trip some time either by bike or airstream). Since I've gotten married, it has been the longest I've ever stayed in one place at a time. SO, I feel like I always have this incredible wanderlust boiling beneath my surface and I have to tame it, because you can't just take off on a whim once you have a family (although some sadly do). I am hoping that the Madsen will offer me a compromise of sorts between lifestyles, pre-life and now-life, life with husband, kids, dogs and cats.

The test ride that we took yesterday confirmed the kids excitement. They absolutely loved it! By the way, before you spank me for not wearing a helmet, we all usually wear helmets. The Hubs and I were so excited too that we took off around the block without ours. Our oldest really never outwardly, nor voluntarily cares about his younger brother, but after he took his test ride, he told his dad that he should go back to the house and get Evs. Awww, those moments just melt 'ya. A glimmer of hope in a sibling rivalry-filled world. See folks? The Madsen brings people together.

P.S. I even got to ride in the back!

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Crissie said...

Oh my heck - I SO want one of those bikes! I am lovin the blue but my hubbie was a little concerned that it was too feminine for his tastes. I'll have to show him yours.

Is it fairly easy to peddle or do you feel like you're lugging all that weight around? I've been trying to equate it to our Burley trailer, for example.

xoxoxoxo and congrats!