Monday, May 4, 2009

Photo Booth Junkie

Hello, my name is Melissa and I am a photo booth junkie. I have been one since my early twenties and I don't plan on changing, I really don't see why I should. When I lived near the Mission in San Francisco, one of my favorite things to do on the weekend was head up to 16th and Valencia and pop into this store where they had a vintage photo booth. I'd cram into the booth with whichever one of my friends was with me at the time and sometime it would be my dog Charlie-Toast. We'd be out on a walk and would pop in for a quick photo op. I love those photos of him, young and shiny. A reminder of the good 'ole days. C-Toast is almost 12 years old now, he has a lot more gray and moves at a much slower pace. (Don't we all)
I have photos of my husband kissing my belly, before we knew we were pregnant and then him kissing my very round pregnant belly. Four little frames which captured the hope and excitement of the arrival of our first son. Strips of both of our sons, of great grandparents and cousins and friends. Those images won't fade over time. All of those cheap, digital rip-offs trying to dupe unsuspecting paramours, hoping to capture their moment in black and white, or a faded color strip. You won't fool me and hopefully with this tidbit of information, you won't break anymore hearts either.
To find the nearest ''old-school" photo booth near you, go here.

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