Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tick Tock

Has this happened to any of you? Last week the hubs, boys and I were out to dinner. Another boy about, say five-ish walked past our table and headed to the restroom all by himself. And it occurred to me, SNAP! Em is not a little baby anymore. His third birthday is coming up next week. My eyes moved from the five year old boy and I rested my gaze upon my eldest, beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy and I noticed something different, he had changed. My eyes filled up with tears as I looked at him, I couldn't stop looking at him for fear that if I did, I would miss something, some moment, maybe it would happen so fast that if I took my eyes off of him, he'd change even more, mature more. Or maybe, just maybe I was afraid that he would stop looking at me with those innocent, boyish blue eyes, full of wonder.

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jora said...

Yes! Just yesterday I looked at my little boy and it seemed his face had changed, longer, thinner, older. And his legs! They are taller too. Just in the last month I have been having this same feeling. It may have to do with them being away from us at school?? I don't know. But I want it to stop! ;)