Monday, October 20, 2008

All About Evs

I do realize that I often write about Em but rarely do I blog about Evs. I think that Evs is due some props. Ya see, he is about 10 months old and doesn't really talk as clearly as Em. Evs repertoire of words goes something like this: mama, dada, hi, and he knows what the word milk means. So, forgive me if I, more often than not, shine the spotlight on his more well versed, older brother. Today's blog is all about Evs.

What a sweet baby. He is constantly smiling with his eyes and his cute little mouth. What a sweet disposition this little one has.
He is practically constantly in motion. His nickname is "Slinky". Always bouncing, crawling or pulling up on furniture.

This past weekend we had a pirate themed birthday party for his now 3 year old brother. Evs represented pirate-wear pretty well. He can say "arrrgh"; did I forget to mention that he has that one down pat? Evs is quite fashionable, as he gets to choose from the cream of the crop of his big brother's hand-me-downs. (P.S. That's Jen from TheFoxDen holding him!)

Even though Evs is only 10 months old, I can tell that he is very strong willed and has a lot of energy. He has a very different personality from his sibling. Turns out, when Evs gets upset, he throws up. Yup, he's a puker. His brother was never a puker. In fact, Em has thrown up once. Evs, yeah, I'm pretty sure, Evs is gonna be a sleep resistant puker. We'll keep you informed on this one. Could just be a passing phase.

Ah, my little guy, I love him soooooooSoooooo much. Can't believe how lucky I am to have not one, but two amazing, sweet, gorgeous little love bugs. I suspect the teen years will bring adjectives such a "stinky" into the mix but luckily I have a decade before then. I'll keep my eyelids peeled in hopes to slow time and drink up the small,
soul-enveloping moments of their childhood.


jora said...

What a sweetie! He has your eyes for sure. I am all about that slowing down time thing with my babes too. :)

MrsWiley said...

what a cutie. happy belated bday to the pirate. i;m coming to SD the weekend of 11/15,16. Will you guys be around for coffee?? :0)