Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Bliss at City Farmer's Nursery

Em's real birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated it early with a pirate party on Sunday. It was a great party filled with lots of pirates and friends. Great time. We celebrated the real deal during the day on Wednesday with a trip to a place called City Farmer's Nursery.

It is a true oasis in the city. A great escape. There we were one minute at the warehouse signing books, prints and putting the final touches on an original (the hubs had forgotten to put his signature on one) and just around the bend was kid-bliss. I'm talking goats, chickens, ducks, a horse, bunnies, koi pond, even a turtle next to the see-saw! And they give you fresh eggs for free!

I came across this place on the internet when I was searching for a fruit tree for our garden. After Em kept stopping us walk after walk and pilfering kumquats from our neighbor's tree, I decided it would be a great gift to go down to City Farmer's on his birthday and buy him a kumquat tree so we could grow his own. Unfortunately, there is currently a quarantine on all citrus in California. So even though they had citrus there at the nursery, they could not sell it until the quarantine is lifted. However, the visit to City Farmer's was gift enough.

What a great experience, it made our day. The staff is friendly and informative, incredibly welcoming. We met with Martina, Wyatt and Bill and they were so kind. You have to stop by on one of those days when you are feeling wilted, it will lift your spirits.


Mom (a.k.a. Jen) said...

Thanks for the info! That sounds like a really great place to take the kids, and I can't wait to check it out.

jora said...

We love City Farmers!! Bryan and Charlie were there just yesterday. It is a couple of blocks from Charlie's school.