Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I feel it in my throat, my gut and it has been occupying my mind for some time. I'm searching. Trying to identify what the hole is that I need to fill. (alright you dirty minds, move onward) Sigh. So many good things in my life. I should be full. Why am I restless? Do I already know the answer? Am I scared to face it, scared to try? Hmmph, will keep you posted.

Now on to something really juicy.

My homegrown lovelies. Check out the first of the crop.

I ate it right after I snapped the picture.

And yes, it was warm and vibrant, it's sweet, pungent, lingering fragrance was like silk against my tongue.
The perfect flavor of summer.
Can't wait for the purple cherokees and the brandywines to come in next.

( Pictured L to R: Sweet 100's, Brandywine, Purple Cherokee, Stupice (the one I devoured), Seeds of Change Basil in foreground)


Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

your tomatoes look so delicious. ours aren't ready yet here in the northeast, but I can't wait. lovely blog!!

amy said...

Good luck with the searching. We moms tend to get lost in the shuffle.