Thursday, April 2, 2009


I just returned from a wonderful trip to Texas. Austin, more precisely and it was terrific! The weather was great and it made for a fun filled mini-visit. Naturally, I am partial to Texas as I am a Texan (and very proud of that). I dipped my toes in a creek and almost caught a frog, but it slipped through my fingers. I walked amid old live oak trees, found cicada wings, stared at bluebonnets, went cave exploring, licked a sno-cone, munched on Dunkin' Donuts, rode a miniature train and ate smokey BBQ, all with the kids in tow. It was so nice to share the memories of my childhood with my children and husband. There is something very special about the land out there. The people. The FOOD!

Living in Southern California I mourn that my kids will probably never swim in a lake on their home turf (most of our lakes are all reservoirs boats can go in, but people can't). They might not ever see fireflies glow in the warm summer nights or hear the hum, hum, hum of cicadas or the glitter of sparklers waved in the nighttime air.

Perhaps I'm waxing nostalgic a bit. What my kids do get to experience is an idyllic So. Cal. neighborhood where friends are abound and conversations over the fence are many.

Plus, we've got a whole big ocean of sunsets.

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The Fox Den said...

WOW! A Texan childhood DOES sound ideal... thanks for sharing some of the nostalgia. I loved this post.