Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yadda Yadda Yacht

We spent this evening on a very large boat, a yacht to be precise. Some of the hub's clients had commissioned him to do a painting for them of a hillside view off of St. Barts with their yacht anchored down below. Whilst our clients were in San Diego we were to come aboard and present the piece and enjoy a nice dinner and sunset cruise. Unfortunately the cruise was canceled due to one of the engines not working correctly, to fix the problem the fee was a mere $18,000! Folks, I am in the wrong business. We had such a great evening dockside, however. The yacht was decadent. It actually had twice the square footage of our craftsman home. I was impressed.
I have come to realize that with two growing boys, what the hubs and I need is not a larger home, but a yacht. It was a perfect San Diego evening on the water.

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jora said...

Let them know we are free to yacht-sit anytime. More than happy.