Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 2: Going solo with the Beans

Well, today was a great day. Nothing especially grand about it, just one of those days that seems to free form it's way along and then POOF! it's night time. Went up with the beans to check out Adriana's house, several homes on their street were having garage sales. Her oldest and mine played and entertained one another for almost 2 hours without us having to intervene and tell one of them to stop hitting the other, our youngest ones both took naps, hers in the crib, mine in his stroller. He was so zonked that he slept through the guy jackhammering across the street. Adriana and I actually had a leisurely conversation. By the time we were all talked out (which is VERY hard for not one, but TWO Texans), I took the beans home and the eldest took a nap. Whew. 
Break Time, 
... little bean woke up. 

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