Friday, November 16, 2012

Blazing a trail to 2013
This year has flown by. With a busy household time seems to slip through my fingers.
That's why I am so excited to have friends like Jora to hook me up with great family-friendly recipes.
This one for crockpot carnitas couldn't be any easier! And it is what is going on the table tonight.
Luckily, we live near a fantastic Tortilleria , so fresh.

In other happenings my favorite local Artist, Michael Flohr, a.k.a my husband is slated to have surgery on his cervical spine next month. He has been able to paint, luckily, but has been feeling the effects of a blown out disc as a result of excessive nagging. Poor man. Keep him in your thoughts. Painting is his biggest passion and this injury definitely scared him a bit. Loss of feeling in his right arm- a big problem. Here are some of his latest and greatest masterpieces that are now available as fine art prints.

In other news we are hosting Thanksgiving this year, I'd better get going and plan that menu!

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