Monday, August 10, 2009

Seriously J Crew?

Okay, I know that the Eighties are back and they are probably as exciting for today's generation as they were for my generation, but PUH-LEASE! Seriously? The neon anklet with heels? Why did you have to go there? Madonna already went there aeons ago and there is no reason to re-visit. None. I could go on about the day-glo checkered, hunter-plaid flannel shirts (not featured at J Crew, YET!) but I'll stop short and just focus on those dang anklets. If any of you spot me on the street wearing a pair of those, will you smack me across the face with a dead fish? Thank you.
I'm done now.

Photo credit: courtesy of J Crew peeps

1 comment:

natalie said...

I am thinking that J.Crew has gotten a little too big for their britches. Neon socks and $500 coats? Bonkers.