Sunday, February 1, 2009

To Move, or Not To Move?

Short and simple today, we are in a predicament. We looooooove our house and our neighborhood, but with our growing family, the house/yard has just become so small. We are planning on having another baby someday and would definitely need another place. Bigger homes in our desirable neighborhood are just soooo expen$ive. We're talking over a million, easy. So what's a girl to do? Can't I walk to coffee and have an acre? All kidding aside, we know how lucky we are to even have a home in these times.

I think we'll just hold out in a stall position until we find a great fit. What do you say?


MrsWiley said...

i think you should stay put...wait it out a bit and some awesome deal will come through in the neighborhood and all will be good...or you and adriana will make it huge in the cupcakery and those million dollar homes will be no sweat :0)

Jen said...

Stay put. I agree. Your neighborhood needs you.

jora said...

Two words: Mount Helix. You can walk to my house and I'll make you coffee. :)